Tenders & RFPs

Zeidman & Co. has extensive experience in providing legal counsel and accompanying entrepreneurs and companies, Israeli and foreign, in the complex field of tenders submission.

The firm’s expertise in this field lies in our many years of experience and the ability of the lawyers specializing in the field to provide added value at all stages of accompanying the tender, in a practical, efficient and proactive manner, for success in the tender.

The department’s team served as both external and internal consultants, both from industrial and engineering companies and from high-tech and technology companies, and has thus accumulated valuable knowledge in procurement strategies, tenders, project management and risk management.

We closely accompany our clients in tender submission processes, including:

  • Public and private tenders for construction, procurement, build, PPP/BOT/PFI tenders;
  • Tenders from the Ministry of Defense, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Energy and Water, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Communications, the Treasury Ministry and the US Army Tenders (COE);
  • Management and preparation of RFP proceedings on behalf of our clients for projects and services within the framework of international contracts and complex projects in their fields of expertise, including transportation infrastructure of roads, bridges, tunnels, trains, mass transit systems, sea and air ports and logistics centers, energy projects, including power plants and renewable energy, projects in the fields of natural resources, gas and water; 
  • Procurement tenders for the design, construction and provision of services, including technological systems, information systems, computing, communications, etc., and classified projects.

Throughout the tender process, we study the requirements of the tender in its entirety and assist the client in formulating the outline of the offer, while being actively involved from the legal aspect, during the initiation of the proposed solution and analyzing the economic, commercial, and even engineering and technological implications of the tender requirements.

In this framework, we advise on all existing and emerging aspects, including issues related to the content, scope and formulation of clarification questions appropriate to the client’s strategy, delve together with the client into the proposal strategy, manage the risks related to the project and prepare the submission, and ensure that the proposal conforms to the requirements of the tender.

In the case of a consortium of bidders or a combination thereof, we design and draft the joint venture agreements and founders’ agreements, while assisting in formulating and arranging the division of internal business, professional and legal responsibilities among the partners.

Finally, we coordinate the activity of the various consultants in the tender and process for the client, gathering all the multidisciplinary information in order to formulate a smart, well-planned and winning proposal, and handle its preparation, submission and representation before the tender committee.

In cases of RFP and RFI proceedings on behalf of the client, we prepare the proposal documents and handle the response to clarification questions, as well as provide the client with an in-depth analysis of the proposals submitted and compare them according to advanced methodologies in project management. We then manage the bid improvement process (the BAFO) and negotiations, and conduct the commercial engagement with the winning bid.

Thanks to the rich and unique knowledge and experience we have accumulated in this field throughout the value chain and life course of the projects world, and in particular in project management, we are experts in accompanying project execution and risk management even at the post-winning stage, i.e. during the planning, procurement, construction and delivery stages of the project, as well as in commercial transactions during and at its conclusion.

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