South Korea and Asia

Our South Korea and Far East Desk is managed by Adv. Eyal Victor Mammo, who has accumulated many years of proven experience as a government projector and consultant in various markets across the Far East. We provide legal and business advice to international Israel-based companies, multinational companies and government companies and organizations from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, on business development between Israel and the East.

Our expertise is extensive and includes a very wide range of legal services and advanced consulting and accompaniment fields for a variety of technological, industrial and commercial sectors – from managing international transactions and commercial agreements, through opening markets and penetrating new markets, to legal support in licensing, import and export processes of consumer and industrial products between Israel and East Asia.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Business collaborations and joint technological developments between Israeli and Korean companies;
  • International transactions;
  • Energy and water projects;
  • Hi-tech, venture capital, technology transfer;
  • International trade agreements and joint ventures;
  • Distribution and Agency Agreements.

Special accompaniment:

  • Establishing Israeli operations in East Asia;
  • Consulting on regulatory processes;
  • Consulting on development processes and entrepreneurship investments in start-ups;
  • Investments by Eastern entities in Israeli companies;
  • Promotion of science projects, Technology, Internet, Information and Communication Technology;
  • Creating partnerships and collaborations;
  • Accompanying acquisition transactions on the Israeli-South Korean axis.

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