Representation of International Companies Working in Israel

Our firm has extensive experience in representing foreign companies in Israel.

We accompany a wide range of engagements, transactions, corporate processes and projects, in Israel, abroad and cross-border, and handle a variety of commercial issues of foreign clients that we accompany long-term, as part of our commercial consulting and accompaniment.

Our expertise includes the establishing of permanent and temporary representative offices in Israel, establishing subsidiaries in Israel, and accompanying foreign companies in offshore activities in Israel including the relevant regulation issues around this unique type of activity.

The attorneys in our firm, who have accumulated extensive experience in representing foreign companies in the country, are well versed in accompanying and advising international companies, including as in-house legal advisors and directors from global and multinational companies.

Our firm is highly skilled in formulating wholesome, efficient solutions in all legal and business aspects related to the activities of foreign companies and individuals operating in Israel. We are well acquainted with the unique needs of this specific market, in representation and accompaniment vis-à-vis the dynamic and complex Israeli regulation and economic conditions, from a deep and longstanding understanding of the special challenges and cultural gaps encountered by global companies in Israel.

Our firm provides strategic advice to the planning of the appropriate and efficient structure and methods of incorporation – taking into consideration the various business, operational and taxation perspectives. Once the strategic approach has been decided upon together with our client, we offer the full range of corporate services related to its operations in Israel – making it a wholesome turn-key solution.

We are experienced in planning and drafting all documents and commercial and administrative agreements with external and internal entities, which are required to regulate reciprocal relations and inter-company agreements, between the Israeli and foreign sides.

In addition, we accompany our clients in the division of responsibility and considerations, if any, between the parties and in accordance with the economic nature of the distribution, and provide our legal opinion on a variety of legal and regulatory aspects related to the activity in Israel.

Basing on our accumulated experience in accompanying international companies operating in Israel, our firm provides further added value and proven experience in adapting and implementing work methods, internal and other procedures in accordance with the law, economy, the local market’s dynamics, and thanks to our familiarity with the market and its unique landscape, we often manage to solve difficulties and streamline processes, while faithfully representing our client.

Additional complementary services: 

  • Accompanying the process of importing goods and maintains extensive relations with forwarding companies, customs brokers, technical consultants and logistics service providers;
  • Incorporation and registration of activity in the various registries, the licensing process vis-à-vis appointed bodies such as the Standards Institution of Israel;
  • Accompanying regulatory processes, including in connection with obtaining business licenses, import licenses, visas and work permits, opening bank accounts and KYC processes;
  • Locating and entering into lease agreements for appropriate operations and logistics centers, as well as means of transportation;
  • Registering with the tax authorities and providing the most advanced legal advice in the field of international taxation in cooperation with leading accounting firms;
  • Labor law, remuneration issues and the appointment of directors and other positions, and the employment of employees, consultants and local service providers;
  • Full range of company secretarial services and the range of relevant corporate services;
  • Liquidation of activity in Israel and relocation of activity.

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