Renewable Energies

Zeidman & Co. is one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of renewable energies.  

The department’s team possesses unique expertise in consulting and accompanying the energy and infrastructure sector in its full spectrum, particularly in the field of renewable energies – in Israel and abroad – and has extensive experience at every stage throughout the life cycle of projects in the field through their entire value chain. With a tailor-made approach, we provide our clients with the widest range of services in the renewable energy field.

For the past two decades, since the inception of the energy field in Israel, the department’s team has taken an active, pivotal role in dozens of projects in the field of energy and infrastructure, from the very initiation and procurement processes directly from the construction sites. 

Over the years we have accumulated an in-depth, unique and advanced understanding of the world of renewable energy and the various technologies and approaches, throughout its entrepreneurial, financing and execution aspects, as well as in mergers, acquisitions, structural changes and offerings in the world of renewable energy.

Our firm has an in-depth understanding and unique professional familiarity with all typess of projects and technologies in the fields of renewable energy, including solar, thermo-solar and wind, storage and charging stations, biogas, biomass and hydrogen facilities, from all aspects – technical, commercial and professional, and of course legal.

Pairing this deep understanding of the field, we are skilled in accompanying all relevant stakeholders: entrepreneurial companies, shareholders, banks and institutions, construction and operation contractors, equipment suppliers and planning and engineering companies, landowners, investors at various stages as well as funds, buyers and sellers.

The Initiation Stage:

We are experts in accompanying entrepreneurs and projects in their initial stages of development (up to Ready to Build) in Israel and abroad. We proactively accompany all project acquisition processes and stages, investments and corporate and commercial processes, including planning the entrepreneurial capital, tax planning of the acquisition from a comprehensive and strategic perspective, engagements among the project partners, including the founders’ agreements of the project and the arrangements between them, and business and project development, including performing due diligence and project reviews.


We have acquired extensive ecperience in accompanying Israeli and international bidders in submitting tenders, particularly in the fields of energy, infrastructure, transportation and construction, accompanying BOT and concession agreements (PFI), and accompanying bidders in competitive proceedings in the field of renewable energy.

Establishment, Operation and Procurement Agreements:

We are experts in drafting, negotiating, and handling international engagements in establishment agreements (DB/EPC) in all commercial outlines in various formats, as well as accompanying large-scale international and local procurement processes while ensuring overall project risk management.

Financing Agreements and Financial Closings:

We specialize in accompanying financing agreements and financial closings in Israel and abroad for individual projects in various countries, as well as for a portfolio of projects. The department’s attorneys have acquired extensive experience in dozens of complex financial closings over the past two decades in all forms, including corporate financing, mezzanine financing and investment through funds.

Accompanying construction and execution:

Zeidman & Co.’s Energy and Infrastructure Department has unique expertise in accompanying complex projects during the construction, execution and delivery stages, and accompanying all project processes related to this aspect – the planning process, procurement processes, schedules, budget control, quality control, accompanying the commercial management of the project and managing exceptions, delays, change instructions and extensions, as well as accompanying delivery and transfer processes to the operational stage.

Regulation, Storage and Charging – Electricity Producers and Consumers:

The department’s team has an in-depth understanding of the extensive regulation in the various fields of energy and infrastructure, and a thorough professional familiarity with complex and dynamic regulatory issues. Accordingly, the department frequently provides solutions and in-depth insights from the regulatory aspect, including the economic and professional interfaces.

We accompany electricity producers and consumers in electricity sales transactions (PPA), as well as projects that combine energy production and storage, drafting various commercial supply agreements for electricity, gas and more, including tariff-based or a combination of energy-economic benefits between facility and landowners and developers, and also accompany projects in the field of storage, charging and energy efficiency.

IPOs and Structural Changes:

Zeidman & Co.’s Energy and Infrastructure Department has unique experience in accompanying companies in the field of renewable energies in IPO processes, structural changes and corporate restructuring and streamlining in the field, whether in relation to Israeli or international activity.

The firm’s team engaged in this field is highly skilled in performing integrated corporate-strategic, legal and professional mapping of the company’s structure, formulates the restructuring plan and then accompanies, executes and manages its actual implementation from all aspects in the various countries, in accordance with the company’s goals and taking into account its goals and financial, strategic, taxation and operational data.

From the perspective of future value overflow and maximizing tax and corporate efficiency, we accompany complex processes including the establishment of sophisticated and efficient company structures in the countries of interest, building an efficient and flexible capital structure, accompanying mergers, acquisitions, consolidation of activities and spin-offs, drafting intercompany agreements, as well as raising capital and debt, including by accompanying IPOs in various arenas.

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