Regulations & Compliance

In recent years, local and international companies have increasingly recognized and understood the importance of implementing innovative technologies in the organization, alongside the need to meet diverse and global regulatory requirements in various fields – cyber, privacy protection and information security, consumerism, finance and more.

We provide strategic legal advice in a variety of regulatory areas to companies and holding groups operating in highly regulated industries. Our firm provides a response to the regulatory requirements applicable to various technological activities in Israel and around the world, in a variety of fields – local and global.

As the legal issues in this field are broad and not limited to one legal field or geographical area, we offer our clients complex and efficient solutions basing on our knowledge and experience in handling the legal aspects in accordance with the regulation that applies and affects their activities.

Our firm advises clients operating in areas where regulation frequently develops and changes. At a time of rapid development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, we provide our clients with a comprehensive perspective, guidance and assistance in relation to new regulation as it is formulated by the authorities.

Our firm regularly advises clients on matters of corporate governance and risks to business or reputation and accompanies transactions and tenders. We accompany local and international entities whose businesses are subject to regulation in Israel and abroad, and advise in a variety of fields, including finance, infrastructure, energy, communications and media, environment, security, trade, transportation, privacy and more.

Regulation – Energy

Thanks to the unique experience and knowledge we have accumulated in the field of energy, with in-depth and longstanding familiarity with the unique needs of the various entities operating in it, our firm provides ongoing legal support and advice to companies active in the energy sector, including in the electricity, gas and renewable energy sectors, in all areas of regulation.

We advise clients on a variety of regulatory issues, such as issuing licenses, obtaining special permits and approvals, transfers of controlling shareholders, and electricity and gas supply and transmission.

Our firm has expertise in legal counsel for obtaining licenses under the Electricity Sector Law, drafting various agreements in the field of energy, and various regulatory issues.

We accompany investors and companies in the energy sector in adapting transactions to the rules of regulation and licenses in the energy market, as well as provide ongoing advice to various entities in the broad regulatory market of the energy sector in adapting their business activities to constantly evolving regulations.

Compliance and Enforcement

Recently, we have witnessed an increasing trend of enforcement, supervision and expansion of the responsibility imposed on corporations, their executives and officers, being required to uphold numerous regulatory and legal standards in a variety of areas of corporate activity.  

Our firm has knowledge and experience in accompanying and implementing internal environmental management and enforcement programs in corporations, including in the fields of capital markets, bribery and corruption, money laundering, competition, cyber and privacy protection, labor law, health and safety at work, environmental protection and more.

As a result, exposure to corporations and their officers increases, in the criminal, administrative and civil spheres. In order to reduce exposure and prevent the threat of any legal offenses, the corporation is required to take preliminary actions with a preventive approach aimed at implementing norms for maintaining the provisions of the law, preventing offenses, dealing with violations and creating positive incentives. The existence of an effective internal enforcement program in an organization is a common measure as an effective preventive tool.

The purpose of the enforcement program is to implement the provisions of the law in order to try and prevent violations of the law, avoid the legal consequences involved in these violations, and reduce the legal exposure of the corporation, its executives and officers.

Our firm accompanies clients and assists in implementing compliance and business ethics programs that help corporations integrate into their regulatory and community environment, including aspects related to the business environment and the regulatory environment in which they operate.


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