Project Finance

Zeidman & Co. has extensive and unique experience in project financing and financial closings in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Over the years, we have closely accompanied dozens of financing transactions and financial closings, including some of the largest and most important in Israel.  

We have been actively involved in the entire value chain, life cycle and range of a long line of key projects, and in particular in most of the largest, complex and groundbreaking projects in Israel, from the very beginning in the field of energy in the country.

We closely and deeply accompany the various stakeholders in the project financing process, including entrepreneurial companies, shareholders, banks and institutions, construction and operation contractors, equipment suppliers and planning and engineering companies, landowners, as well as investors in various stages and funds, buyers and sellers.

Thanks to this rich experience, our firm is highly skilled in representing, planning, drafting, negotiating and managing financial closing processes, as well as accompanying complex financing agreements.

We have an in-depth understanding of both the processes and the various complex technologies, and have unique experience and understanding of every stage throughout the life cycle of the project world and in the entire value chain – from the initiation stage, tenders and acquisition transactions, through the international commercial engagements stage in the planning, procurement and construction (EPC/DB) and operation and maintenance agreements (O&M and LTSA), to accompanying the project after financial closing, during the construction of the project,  the delivery and the commercial operation.

Services we offer in the financing processes:

  • Senior debt raising;
  • Financing project acquisitions;
  • Debt refinancing;
  • Project backlog financing and mezzanine financing;
  • Integrated corporate financing;
  • Financing by way of investment funds;
  • Foreign financing entities in Israel;
  • Israeli financing entities for projects abroad;
  • Consortium agreements and syndication.

Project types: 

  • Conventional power plants;
  • Cogeneration stations;
  • Water desalination plants and water treatment facilities, as well as power plants in desalination plants;
  • Natural gas conversion Infrastructure and gas and oil production facilities;
  • Renewable energy Solar, thermo-solar and wind turbines; 
  • Storage in batteries and charging;
  • Picker stations and generator production;
  • Biogas facilities;
  • Pumped storage;
  • Defense projects;
  • Clean factories, development centers and data centers;
  • Electrical and communication infrastructure, and complex M&E projects;
  • Construction of production and storage facilities on factory premises, including chemical processes such as ammonia and hydrogen and the purchase of fuels;
  • Transportation, tracks, rail and mass transit projects;
  • Complex commercial and residential facilities, and dormitories, roads, parking lots and tunneling.
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