Privacy & Data Protection

In the current digital era, data is an increasingly valuable and in the same time an increasingly risky business asset.  The collection, retention, use and protection of personally identifiable or confidential information is a rapidly changing area of the law. As businesses struggle to keep up with critical, fast-changing data protection laws and regulations, our firm helps navigate the field by providing data management, data protection and privacy law advice.

Our firm provides clients with a practical hands-on approach to handling the ever-growing legal, regulatory and commercial challenges related to protection of privacy and the protection of personal data.

Our firm provides the following privacy and data protection services:

  • Compliance with local privacy and data security laws;
  • Privacy Compliance programs and policies;
  • Data mapping and data selling structures;
  • Data protection issues related to corporate and M&A transactions;
  • Employee privacy (including privacy notices, as well as monitoring of employee computer activities, use of CCTV policies, email and mobile monitoring policies, access of employee data, etc.);
  • Due diligence and data licensing review;
  • allocation of responsibility for privacy matters;
  • Registration of databases with the Registrar of Databases;
  • Negotiating M&A transactions involving data protection and privacy matters, as well as commercial agreements with vendors, business partners, customers and investors that involve such matters;
  • Data protection Impact Assessment (DPIA);
  • DPO as a Service.
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