Mergers & Acquisitions

Zeidman & Co.’s Mergers and Acquisitions Department has extensive experience and special expertise in advising on complex international and domestic transactions, in a wide range of sectors and industries, including commerce, high-tech, finance, energy, communications and media, defense industries, insurance, real estate and infrastructure, tourism and hotels, banking and internet.

We advise and accompany various entities in the M&A process, including purchasers, sellers and shareholders, majority and minority, as well as investment and venture capital funds, banks and institutional entities, target companies and merging companies in reorganization. Our deep involvement begins from the very initial phases of the M&A process, starting with the business-commercial and tax planning stage, adjustment of financing sources to the transaction, negotiating the commercial memorandum of understanding and the necessary adjustments in the structure of the transaction, managing the legal due diligence process, drafting all transaction documents and dealing with the regulatory authorities, including the tax authorities, the Innovation Authority, the Competition Authority and professional regulatory bodies such as the Electricity Authority, the Water Authority, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Construction and more.

Our deep involvement in the process stretches beyond the actual deal, as we continue to accompany the managements and boards of directors of the parties to the transaction during the business process following the closing of the transaction, as well as in the commercial and corporate governance aspects.

Our M&A department’s capabilities are based on many years of professional and practical knowledge, both as external consultants and as internal consultants of acquiring and merging entities, and include an in-depth and multidisciplinary understanding and response to all aspects of the transaction, in cooperation with our best experts in the fields of taxation, securities, real estate, labor law, competition and antitrust in Israel and the various countries with which we work on an ongoing basis.

Our knowledge, experience and in-depth skills create strategic value in every transaction and sharp, creative and innovative legal and business solutions at every opportunity. As a result, we have the ability to provide responsible, fast and efficient solutions, with our experts’ own proactive leadership and personal involvement, to support the success of the transaction, complex as it may be. 

As a rule, our firm places special emphasis and is highly skilled in providing tailor-made solutions that go down to the commercial root of every engagement and in adapting fully applicable legal arrangements, from a business-efficient, strategic and comprehensive perspective.

Alongside the legal expertise, the team offers its extensive commercial, financial, organizational and technical knowledge by virtue of experience as in-house legal counsel in international companies and high-tech companies, which helps to understand and solve various challenges in the business and operational field, with an in-depth understanding of the various interests and adapting the legal aspect to the practical issue.

Accordingly, we accompany transactions of all sizes, including acquisitions and sales of tangible, financial and technological assets, accompany funds in portfolio investments and financial institutions in investment transactions, accompany internal mergers within the framework of corporate restructuring, including splits, consolidation of activities, organizational efficiency, arrangements in cases of insolvency, accompany leveraged acquisitions whether by way of capital raising or debt issuance, prepare companies in terms of mergers and acquisitions in the process of initial public offerings, drafting joint-venture agreements, and advising foreign parties, including foreign law firms, in transactions with respect to Israeli corporations in all matters related to Israeli legislation and practice, including corporate law and corporate governance.

The department’s capabilities are complemented by the expertise of the Labor Law Department in all matters related to the employment aspect of transactions, whether in connection with advising and accompanying incentive programs for management members and employees in M&A transactions, or in the due diligence process for this complex and sensitive aspect of any transaction, which requires special expertise and advice.


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