Labor and Employment

Zeidman & Co. advises companies and organizations on all legal aspects of labor law, human resources, organization and methods, and labor relations in corporations. Over the years, the firm’s team has accumulated extensive professional experience in accompanying large and international industrial companies, high-tech companies and professional organizations in the field. Combining broad and in-depth legal knowledge and practical management background, we provide extensive legal support in all matters related to the organization’s human resources and labor law in an efficient, up-to-date and advanced manner, tailored to the specific sector in which each organization operates. We work from a broad and holistic perspective according to the unique nature and goals of the organization, and in accordance with the challenges the organization faces in any given time. 

Our Labor and Employment team accompanies a variety of leading companies and organizations, from the fields of industry, commerce and services, high-tech, construction, higher education, food, hotels, manpower and many others. Our practical experience includes accompanying extensive recruitment processes, creating, implementing and improving corporate processes, keeping existing processes up-to-date in accordance with the requirements of the law, and accompanying the corporation from A to Z, especially in special cases in the organization.

Additionally, we accompany a wide range of organizations in all aspects of Collective Labor Law, with ongoing and deep support for the Manufacturers Association, the Chambers of Commerce, the Israel Hotel Association and other employers’ organizations. The challenges in this aspect are endless: streamlining, downsizing, employment crisis, organizational changes, or alternatively accelerated growth, IPO processes, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization or assimilation of structural changes. We at Zeidman & Co. have the most advanced and adequate set of tools, the ability and the professionalism to provide complete, tailor-made legal solutions that enable an integrated and sophisticated response, to ensure the legal product requested in the process, for the benefit of the organization’s success and in order to establish a balanced and stable organizational employment system. 

As part of the legal advice we provide to our clients, we tirelessly work to identify and prevent conflicts and labor disputes early on in the process, in order to enable our clients to focus on their business activities. Even when labor disputes arise, the firm’s clients have at their disposal a team which holds extensive experience in accompanying organizational crises. The firm’s staff is prepared to quickly handle any relevant issue, and provides real-time response and advice, in the entire range of issues relating to labor law in the corporation:

  • Advising and guiding managements, boards of directors and human resources managers in organizations, both on current issues related to employees’ employment conditions and on special matters such as transactions and significant business processes; 
  • Advising on cross-organizational and cross-organizational legal policy issues in the field of labor law; 
  • Advising on sensitive issues relating to employees and senior executives;
  • Drafting and accompanying the negotiations of employment agreements, including handling the restriction of occupation, intellectual property and trade secrets, in particular in technology, biotech, fintech, life sciences and international high-tech companies;
  • Handling the processes of termination and retirement of senior executives, whether in special cases or within the framework of organizational processes;
  • Drafting legal opinions relating to labor law;
  • Due diligence of employment conditions in order to ensure the implementation of the law for increased enforcement;
  • Accompanying and advising on transaction aspects within the framework of merger and acquisition transactions and structural changes, including performing comprehensive due diligence;
  • Accompanying employers in negotiating with labor organizations and drafting collective agreements, both in initial labor unions and in negotiations to renew collective agreements;
  • Accompanying employers in contracting with service contractors and manpower contractors;
  • Representation and accompaniment of employers in all matters related to enforcing the law for the prevention of sexual harassment;
  • Drafting internal procedure manuals in organizations in accordance with the various legal requirements;
  • Representation in labor courts in cases of labor disputes and workers’ claims – including injunctions;
  • Representation in claims against employees in order to protect the employer’s rights – including obtaining injunctions on confidentiality, restriction of occupation and protection of trade secrets and intellectual property;
  • Representation in lawsuits and disputes relating to women’s labor – including obtaining permits from the Commissioner of the Women’s Labor Law at the Ministry of Labor;
  • Representation before the employment committee of the Ministry of Defense, in accordance with the Veterans Law;
  • Representation in administrative and criminal proceedings in the Labor Court and vis-à-vis the various enforcement bodies – accompanying and representing employers and officers in legal and administrative proceedings in criminal offenses under the various labor laws, and in all matters pertaining to violations of the law to increase enforcement of labor laws and offenses relating to prohibited employment (including accompaniment in investigations and audits);
  • Obtaining special permits from the Ministry of Labor.

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