Import, Export and Logistics

Our firm has extensive experience in representing and accompanying leading import and export companies, transporting items and goods to and from Israel.

Our firm is highly skilled in providing close legal service and formulating complete and efficient solutions in all legal aspects related to logistics activity vis-à-vis regulation in the dynamic and complex Israeli economic conditions.

As part of the firm’s cross-border activities, which are frequently combined with our unique expertise in the commercial and project fields, our firm accompanies the leading players in the import and export market in Israel, and provides the variety of our clients in the field with legal advice in a wide range of engagements, procurement of services, regulatory processes and logistics projects, in Israel and abroad.

The team offers its extensive experience in working with foreign companies, including as in-house legal advisors from global and multinational companies, as well as extensive experience in international industrial and technological projects that include logistical aspects and an understanding of the accepted conditions in the international freight forwarding industry (incoterms) among importers, exporters, transport and transportation companies, insurers and other interested parties, and the accepted procedures in the relevant chambers of commerce and organizations (ICC).  

Our firm has extensive ties with shipping companies, customs brokers, various technical consultants and logistics service providers, and accompanies the firm’s clients in the legal aspects of licensing vis-à-vis government bodies.

Whether our clients are importing for the first time into Israel, shipping and transporting special items, or handling a large scale transport, these processes require expertise, meticulousness and familiarity with maritime and air law, as well as practical commercial experience, in order to ensure that the logistics chain of the project is carried out efficiently, while managing risks and distributing legal responsibility, and in accordance with industry norms.

These processes often result from the unique legal conditions of the project, and often require comprehensive and rapid handling due to exposure to obtaining approvals from regulatory authorities and various regulatory bodies in Israel.

This treatment requires a combination of legal skill and precision as well as an in-depth understanding of the technical complexity, both of the product and of the range of operations that make up the transportation and transportation process.

We provide close and efficient legal support in import and export processes, including: 

  • Licensing process vis-à-vis the Standards Institute of Israel;
  • Obtaining import licenses;
  • Compliance and compliance with regulatory requirements in professional fields;
  • Air, sea and land transportation;
  • Distribution, hoisting, packaging and storage;
  • Import, export and distribution of materials, complex and sensitive equipment, and special tools;
  • Insurance;
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