Food Tech, Bio Tech & Life Sciences

Zeidman & Co. has accumulated vast knowledge and experience in accompanying ventures and investors in the fields of life sciences, food tech, biotech, pharma and cannabis (including propagation, cultivation, production and laboratories), and provides the entire spectrum of services throughout the life cycle of ventures in these fields, both for independent entrepreneurs and large companies.

Our rich commercial experience, and our understanding of the special and dynamic technological content worlds of our clients, enable us to provide complete and advanced accompaniment and advice.

We accompany and advise on legal processes relating to research and development as well as actions relating to the protection of intellectual property, trademarks and patents, and the rights of cultivators.

We accompany and advise entrepreneurs and investors in the incorporation and establishment processes, including drafting founders’ and investment agreements and taxation aspects in accordance with the entrepreneurial strategy and the specific content world in which the venture is located, including:

  • Drafting transactions;
  • Commercial agreements;
  • Distribution Technological collaborations;
  • Strategic partnerships;
  • OEM engagements;
  • Corporate partnership agreements;
  • Local and international investment transactions;
  • Compliance with standards;
  • Obtaining approvals and licenses vis-à-vis regulatory authorities, such as the Chief Scientist and the JCC;
  • Representation of entrepreneurs vis-à-vis bodies such as the Israel Innovation Authority.

In addition to advising large corporations, we also provide support for innovative and initial development ventures, from the initial stage of capital raising and intellectual property development, to providing strategic operative advice. Our attorneys advise companies in the field from inception to maturity, including during securities offerings, acquisition transactions and other investment arrangements in the pharma, biotech and medical technology sectors.

We also accompany the legal aspects and development of technological assets and their commercialization, and provide proactive advice and creative solutions in order to execute our clients’ business strategy, while protecting the trade secrets at the heart of the venture.  

We provide our various local and international clients with a broad and multidimensional legal range in order to holistically meet their unique needs, as well as related matters, such as software, hardware, communications, internet, licensing and distribution, consultants and employees, and compensation.

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