Energy & Infrastructure

Zeidman & Co. is a leader in the field of energy and infrastructure in Israel – thanks to its unique and professional expertise, and the experience accumulated while accompanying dozens of projects in all fields of energy and infrastructure. 

We have accompanied the largest, most complex and challenging groundbreaking projects in Israel – with deep involvement in the entire range of projects, since the beginning of the awakening of the field two decades ago. The long-term support and advice we provide to our clients is practical and extensive – directly from the construction sites, initiation processes and procurement processes, based on a deep, unique and advanced understanding of the complex world of projects. We have vast experience and deep understanding of every stage throughout the world of projects and in the entire value chain, and know how to provide the widest range of services in Israel in the field.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the various technologies and types of projects, from all aspects – technical, commercial and professional, regulatory, and of course legal – we fully understand the needs of the project in every context and in every move, and adapt the required treatment to the unique characteristics of each and every project. We are skilled in accompanying all stakeholders: entrepreneurial companies, shareholders, banks and institutions, construction and operation contractors, equipment suppliers and planning and engineering companies, landowners, as well as investors at various stages and funds, buyers and sellers.

Among the types of projects we have accompanied:

  • Conventional power plants;
  • Cogeneration stations;
  • Water desalination plants and water treatment plants, as well as power plants in desalination plants;
  • Natural gas conversion infrastructure, gas and oil production facilities;
  • Solar renewable energy, solar thermo-solar and wind turbines;
  • Battery storage and charging;
  • picking stations and generator production;
  • Biogas facilities;
  • Pumped storage;
  • Defense projects;
  • Clean factories, including Intel projects, international development centers and data centers;
  • Electricity and communications infrastructures, complex M&E projects;
  • Construction of production and storage facilities on factory premises, including for chemical processes such as ammonia and hydrogen, and procurement of fuels;
  • Transportation, railway, trains and mass transportation projects;
  • Complex commercial and residential facilities, dormitories;
  • Road, parking lots and tunneling.

Professional accompaniment throughout the project stages:

Initiation stage: 

We are experts in accompanying projects in the initial and advanced stages of initiation and development, including the stages of acquisition, investment, engagements between partners, and business and project development, including performing due diligence and examining projects in Israel and beyond. 


We are experts in accompanying Israeli and international bidders in submitting tenders, particularly in the fields of energy, infrastructure, transportation and construction, accompanying BOT agreements and concession agreements (PFI) and accompanying bidders in competitive proceedings in the energy sector.

Establishment, Operation and Procurement Agreements: 

We are experts in drafting, negotiating, and handling international engagements in establishment agreements (DB/EPC) in all commercial formats in various formats (Turnkey Lump Sum/BOQ, Fast Track, creating JV cooperation between on-shore and offshore companies that approach projects together and accompanying a variety of contracting methods (shelf, repository, FIDIC, MATOC, Intel contracts and more), and in operating and maintenance agreements (O&M and LTSA) of mega-projects, as well as accompanying large-scale international and local procurement processes while ensuring overall project risk management.

Financing Agreements and Financial Closings:

We specialize in accompanying financing agreements and financial closings in Israel and abroad for mega-projects and project portfolios in all frameworks, including by way of mezzanine financing and investment funds. The department’s attorneys have experience from dozens of financial closings over the past two decades, totaling several ILS billion.

Accompanying construction and execution:

Zeidman & Co.’s Energy and Infrastructure Department also possesses unique expertise in accompanying complex projects in the construction, execution and delivery stages, and accompanying all related project processes – accompanying the planning and procurement processes, consulting related to schedules, budget control, quality control, accompanying the commercial management of the project and managing exceptions, delays, change instructions and extensions, as well as accompanying delivery and transfer processes to the operational stage.  

Regulation, Storage and Charging – Electricity Producers and Consumers: 

We have an in-depth understanding of the extensive regulation in the various fields of energy and infrastructure, and thorough professional familiarity with complex and dynamic regulatory issues, as well as with the various stakeholders in the field. Accordingly, the team frequently provides solutions and in-depth insights from the regulatory aspect, including the economic and professional interfaces. We accompany electricity producers and consumers in electricity sales transactions (PPAs), as well as projects that combine energy production and storage, drafting various commercial supply agreements for electricity, gas and more, including tariff-based or a combination of energy-economic benefits between facility and land owners and developers, and also accompany projects in the field of storage, charging and energy efficiency.


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