Cross-Border Transactions

Zeidman & Co. has special expertise in representing and providing comprehensive legal advice to international business and commercial activities, in a wide range of engagements, transactions, corporate processes, investments, mergers and acquisitions, international projects and financing agreements, as well as international financial closings – for both foreign entities financing projects in Israel and Israeli or combined financing projects outside Israel.

Our firm has vast experience in accompanying international public and private entities in their activities in Israel, public and private Israeli companies operating globally, as well as multinational companies.

Having worked extensively in the cross-border commercial field, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge in the commercial, project and M&A fields, as well as in the areas of finance, trade and procurement. We are well versed in diverse contracting methods and business-professional environments and multiple international sectors of activity, including industry, energy and commerce, internet, high-tech, software and hardware development, special projects, fintech and finance.

Our expertise working with international companies also builds on our personal hands-on experience, performing as internal legal advisors and executives in global and multinational companies, as well as extensive experience in international industrial and technological projects, and deep familiarity with the accepted procedures and legal conditions in the relevant chambers of commerce and organizations (ICC).

Alongside our excellent business understanding and rich practical commercial experience, we possess deep understanding of maritime, air and international law, international taxation, as well as familiarity with legal aspects and methods practiced in various markets, including managing legal risks and handling legal liability issues in accordance with industry norms in the international arena.

With this full spectrum of unique and comprehensive knowledge, experience and in-depth skills, we create for our clients real, strategic value in every transaction, and a wide range of practical, tried-and-true creative, tailor-made legal solutions. 

Our strategic advice is ultimately complemented by quick and efficient hands-on implementation, , which is carried out with proactive leadership and personal involvement of the department’s attorneys, to support our clients’ success. The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in editing, negotiating and closing hundreds of international commercial engagements, and are highly experienced in accompanying the process throughout, through the execution of contracts, managing disputes and making arrangements during the life of the transaction and beyond.

Our firm is highly skilled in providing tailor-made solutions that go down to the commercial root of every engagement and in tailoring complete applicable legal arrangements for a wide range of cases, from a business, strategically efficient and comprehensive perspective: 

  • Cooperation agreements; 
  • Joint Ventures investment agreements; 
  • International mergers and acquisitions;
  • International financing agreements and financial closures (both foreign financing of projects in Israel and Israeli financing for projects outside Israel);

• International restructuring;

• Trade agreements;

• Long-term service agreements;

• Product and sale agreements;

• Supply agreements and OEM agreements;

• Engineering and technology agreements;

• Purchase agreements;

• Consulting agreements, Planning Agreements and Development Agreements;

• Establishment Agreements;

• Operating and Maintenance Agreements;

• Management Agreements;

• Logistics Agreements;

• Franchising Agreements; 

• Software and License Agreements;

• Distribution, agency and sales agreements;

• Representation vis-à-vis government entities including foreign B2G;

• Construction, implementation and execution of B2B and B2C contract systems, as well as building, assimilation and implementation of commercial contract arrays for large-scale and international procurement projects and processes.


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