Zeidman & Co. has accumulated extensive and unique experience in providing legal counsel in the field of corporate law, corporate formation, corporate governance and company secretariat. The firm’s attorneys in this field have extensive knowledge and many years of practical experience in advising corporations, including as external consultants, internal legal advisors, corporate secretaries, and performing as directors of private and public companies. Thanks to our vast experience, we provide legal and strategic support and representation in the full scope throughout the life cycle of the corporation, as well as in the framework of transactions, processes and special cases. This capability, combined with the firm’s additional expertise, provides our clients with a unique advantage in all matters and aspects that our clients seek to achieve. 

We accompany corporations from various sectors, with a deep understanding of each sector – high-tech, industry, finance, energy and projects, insurance, retail and real estate, including private and public companies, Israeli and foreign companies, as well as multinational companies, groups and holding companies, partnerships and funds.

Zeidman & Co. is highly skilled in providing a vast array of solutions, deep-diving into the root of each case and implementing tailor-made, applicable legal arrangements, from a long-term, strategically efficient and comprehensive business perspective. Our added value is also complemented by our ability to apply legal solutions quickly and efficiently, building on our firm’s rich experience, proactive leadership and the personal involvement of our senior attorneys. In these frameworks, we also provide legal and business advice to boards of directors, board committees, officers, minority shareholders and controlling shareholders on all issues relating to the corporation.

Processes we accompany in this field:

  • Drafting and negotiating complex founders agreements and advanced arrangements between shareholders;
  • Accompanying take over/control struggles and cases of minority discrimination;
  • Handling corporate capital raising, investment transactions and debt raising and financing;
  • Accompanying streamlining and recovery processes;
  • Planning and execution of restructuring and streamlining processes;
  • Execution of structural changes;
  • Proactive legal management, from A to Z, of all actions and arrangements involved in the IPO process and M&A transactions.

Additional services we provide to corporations:

  • Drafting remuneration plans and consulting on payroll and remuneration;
  • Examination of business and organizational processes;
  • Improvement of decision-making processes;
  • Coordination and streamlining of the work of the Board of Directors and interactions with management;
  • Legal advice on special and sensitive events;
  • Accompanying and advising on all matters related to corporate governance and the rights of officers, minority shareholders and controlling shareholders;
  • Conducting internal examinations and providing opinions for board of directors;
  • Crisis management;
  • Labor law in corporations;
  • Editing and assimilating internal manuals for companies, Including for privacy and data protection, operational and occupational areas;
  • Accompanying corporate development processes, including consulting and operation of the company’s corporate governance;
  • Accompanying compliance processes and assimilating work procedures in practical accordance with the various laws and the corporate and special regulation applicable to the corporation.

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